Jamiroquai at Orange, France 2023
Photo Credit: Valentin Bonadei for @vproductions
Jamiroquai at Orange, France 2023
Photo Credit: Valentin Bonadei for @vproductions

Jamiroquai Automaton Tour, 2nd August 2019 Photo credit: Peter Fulop
Jamiroquai Automaton Tour, Prague 2019
Jamiroquai, Chicago, 2018. Photo credit: Keith Griner
Jamiroquai, Chicago, 2018
Photo credit: Keith Griner
So so good to be back playing on stage:
Sister Sledge, 2021
Photo Credit: John Thompson Imagery
Photo Credit: Valentin Bonadei for @vproductions
2017 the year of the hat
Feel the power (of the fan)
Jamiroquai, Boardmasters, UK. 2017
Jamiroquai, Stuttgart 2018 – Photo credit: Dieter Reimprecht
Jamiroquai Automaton Tour
I love crowds like this. Jamiroquai, San Francisco, 2018
Bribing the camera man… Boardmasters, UK, 2017 Photo credit: John Such
R.D.L.S Tour. I loved that stage production. The planets moved during the gig too.
Afterwards we climbed inside them to travel to the next gig, ha!
Photo credit: Bojan Hohnjec
Jamiroquai, Paris Bercy, 2011
“Bring me sunshine”
BBC Radio Broadcast, Air Studios, 2010
Jamiroquai, Rock Dust Light Star Tour, Brussels 2011
Catching flies, my usual look! Jamiroquai, Belgrade 21 June 2005
Photo credit: Bojan Hohnjec
Slappa da Jazz Bass. Jamiro, Sarajevo 2005
Photo credit: Bojan Hohnjec
Even Jay’s battery runs out occasionally. Spain 2005
Sydney, Centennial Park. Dec 2005
The girls put their tops in the same wash as my T shirts
Jazz Cafe, London
World Record Time! Gig on a Plane!
One of the first pics of me with Jamiroquai. May 2005, CDUK TV with my old ’77 Stingray
On the screens at Live 8, Hyde Park, London 2005
Annie Lennox Tour, USA 2004
Up the dusty end of the fretless… without a head-torch too! 2004 USA
Will Young tour, 2015 Photo credit: John Such
Will Young tour, Cambridge, 2015
Shaun Escoffery Photo credit: John Such
Backline shot at ‘Later with Jools’ TV with Shaun Escoffery
Yes that’s my natural hair and, for the bass nerds, yes that’s 3 pick-ups on my Warwick Thumb 5. On tour in Germany with The Climax Blues Band 1991
With Ruby Turner c. 1990