Video shoot for “Seven Days in Sunny June”, in July…..
We were all asked to bring our favourite outfits from home!
Love these guys 🙂 Jamiroquai dressing room
Somewhere between gigs
Taking the stage with Annie at Hyde Park, Live 8, 2005
Brother Strut about to go on stage at Koko, London, 2018
Vulfoquai, Chicago 2018
The Lighthouse Family, Livingstone Studios, 2019
Trioniq sessions with guest drummer Ash Soan
Sarm West Studios w Bootsy 2001 (I played bass on the demo of “Play With Bootsy”)
Lamont Dozier band, London 2001
First “Down to the Bone” tour. USA 1997
Promo shot for Eden Amplification circa ’98/99
It took one of my sons 5 minutes to recognise me in this photo and then he said “Oh yeh, but you have a crazy wig on!” For the record I didn’t! Hahaha