As much as I love just plugging a bass straight in an amp, I also really like experimenting with effects. I always have, which is why there are so many boxes in my room! Haha! Vintage Mutrons, Maestro Phaser, Roland Jet Phaser thro to awesome modern builds by 3 Leaf Audio, Aguilar & MXR etc. Too many to list…

3 of my favourite vintage pedals: Maestro Phaser, Roland Jet Phaser & Musitronics Mutron III

I usually change my pedalboards for different tours. The large board is my Jamiroquai touring board. The medium ‘Mono’ board tends to be what I take to club dates and studio sessions and I’ll swap some pedals out for certain projects. If I’m taking effects it will usually start with an Octave, then a fuzz, into an envelope and maybe a Phaser. The rest are for more specific tunes or possible options.

Above: Touring board for the Jamiroquai Automaton Tour. Top L-R: 3Leaf Audio Wonderlove (Up), 3Leaf Audio Doom, Modded gated fuzz, Aguilar Filter Twin. Middle Row: 3Leaf Audio Wonderlove (Down), 3Leaf Audio Octavbre, TC Tuner, Akai Deep Impact, Aguilar Grape Phaser, Diamond Bass Comp, GigRig 321. Bottom Row: GigRig G2 Switcher, Lehle Classic Boost, Lehle Sonic Spark, Lehle Basswitch.

It’s always cool to have options to find tones that suit the music. Below are my favourite preamps for recording; Jule Monique & Aguilar DB680.

Jule Monique Preamp
Aguilar DB680 Preamp